Security Surveillance System Integrator
With Installations Around The Asian

NVEC VIDEO ENGINEERING PTE LTD is a security surveillance system integrator with installations around the Asian. NVEC has incorporated other communication and security system to fulfill its clients every possible needs. Integrating the company’s electronic for Marine and Hazard area with additional state of the art system equipment makes NVEC VIDEO ENGINEERING PTE LTD a total system integrator for video surveillance equipment available for various sized installations, ranging from medium to high investment facilities.

Our Systems

NVEC always provide services in design, consultancy, supply, installation and maintenance of:

  • General Closed Circuit Television System
  • Broadcast Grade LCD Monitor System
  • Explosion Proof PTZ Camera System
  • Building Block Video Matrix System
  • Marine Stainless Stell (316L) PTZ Camera System
  • Pinhole Motorize Zoom Lens & PTZ System
  • Navigator Night Vision System
  • Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex System
  • Machine Inspection Vision System
  • Cross Hair Generator for Industry purposed.

Feel free to contact us for any special system requirements.

Our Expertise

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Our Experience

Security & Surveillance

The surveillance of people and objects at different locations such as borders and other high security areas can also be conducted by our advance overt and covert CCTV System. Our Night vision Cameras may be useful for some of such surveillance. In addition to using our CCTV System for security and others.


We also specialize in providing a CCTV System that can meet the business needs of people or firms that want proximity with their businesses or commercial endeavors of any distance. Our Digital Video Transmission System provides optimal visual contact and immediacy for these people or firms with their businesses via a computer, a telephone line and a modem. As a consequent, productivity and profits can be maximized.

Production & Manufacturing

Our dynamic CCTV System for this application includes the multi-purpose Vision Alignment System that takes charge of the important image processing details in production and manufacturing procedures. Depending on the areas of specialization of our clients, the respective images and measurements can be included in the Vision Alignment System. And with the image processing details made to suit the demand of our customers, our CCTV System effectively marries efficiency with precision which are vital in such industries.

Marine Technology

Our Underwater/ROV TV System has also been used in various aspects of marine technology. We have perfected our system not only to survive but also to last and to perform in harsh oceanic/salt water environment so that in-depth surveys and other underwater proceedings can be conducted. In a related field, our CCTV System has also been used significantly for surveillance of shipping movements and the general enhancement of safety in the marine area.

Microscopy Science

Widely popular is the use of our CCTV System in the advance science and medical environment. Mounting a camera onto the microscope so as to ger enlarged and clear pictures of the concerned biological elements, our CCTV System will aid in scientific and medical researches, analyses and processes that require delicate handling.